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How Much THC Is in a Joint?

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How Much THC Is in a Joint

How Much THC Is in a Joint?

For most of cannabis’s history in human history, individuals were unable to determine the exact amount of THC they were consuming. It was a pipe dream to know how much THC was in a joint. All that was available was “good weed,” “bad weed,” and “okay weed.”

A few decades or perhaps 5,000 years ago, a cannabis fan would be shocked at the current status of the business. Cannabis from nature is becoming less and less available to humans. It also doesn’t originate from a covert grow operation. Leading botanists now frequently cultivate hemp and marijuana plants, and the finished goods are put through extensive testing.

Because of this, each legal cannabis product sold in physical or virtual cannabis shops is accompanied by precise lab testing findings. This comprises the THC potency of the product.
You can determine the precise concentration of THC in a joint if you know the product’s weight and cannabinoid concentration.

Factors Influencing a Joint’s THC Level

Factors Influencing a Joint's THC Level

When purchasing pre-rolls or loose flowers, the packaging usually includes a summary of the official test results or a QR code that links to the lab results page so you may view the data for yourself. You can find out how many milligrams of cannabinoids are in the product based on those lab results.

  • THC Content of the Plant
  • Quantity of Cannabis
  • The Joint’s Freshness

THC Content after sometime:

Some data released by the UN indicates that with time, cannabis loses some of its Delta 9 THC content:

  • After a year, about 17% of the THC in cannabis is lost.
  • After two years, 27 percent of the THC is lost.
  • After three years, 35% of the initial THC content has been lost.
  • After four years, 41% of the Delta 9 THC in cannabis is lost.

Estimating a Joint’s THC Content

Estimating a Joint's THC Content

You can now estimate the THC in a joint by using the following examples, now that you are aware of the variables to take into account:

Assume you have a joint that contains one gram (1,000 mg) of THC and THCa (20%).
THC equals 1,000 mg of cannabis times 20% THC, or 200 mg.
Assume you have a 1.2 gram (1,200 mg) pre-roll that has been sitting around for a year and has 18% THC and THCa.It likely lost roughly 17% of the THC if it was stored at room temperature in the dark, leaving 83% of the THC intact.

1,200 mg of cannabis times 18% of THC times 83% of residual THC equals 179.28 mg of THC.
To get THC total, you can also use the following general formula:

THCtotal = (%THC) + (%THCA) x 0.877

Although having a calculator is helpful, the arithmetic is really manageable! Having stated that, there is one additional consideration.

What Amount of THC Enters Your Bloodstream from the Joint?

What Amount of THC Enters Your Bloodstream from the Joint

You now know the amount of THC included in a joint, but not all of it will enter your system. When you take a puff from a joint, some of the smoke enters the air. You’re now considering your puffing method, including how much cannabis enters your lungs and how well the THCa is absorbed by your body.

The amount of THC that each individual receives varies so greatly that it is nearly hard to predict. Superefficient smokers may process up to 50% of the whole amount of THC. Individuals that use marijuana more indiscriminately may only be receiving 2% of the overall THC


You now know how to estimate the approximate THC content of a joint. This is not so much an exact calculation as it is an estimate due to the numerous factors. You’ll feel more at ease accounting for your experiences if you record them over time.

Additionally, you’ll be able to modify your perspective if you share a joint as opposed to having a personal one. It’s possible that you get a feel for how much flower to roll into a joint. However, you may find that you like the consistency of pre-rolls better. That’s how cannabis is a personal adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much THC Is Usually Added To A Joint?

The typical joint has 40–200 mg of THC, though some could have higher amounts.

Pre-rolls are often popular since the arithmetic is done for you by professionals, saving you the trouble. However, if you enjoy rolling your own joints, we can show you how to figure out how much THC is in each one.

How Is Cannabis Potency Calculated?

Although other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN also contribute to the overall experience, THC content is typically used to measure the potency of cannabis. Cannabis products are tested in a laboratory setting using sophisticated chromatographic techniques to ascertain their precise strength. In addition to measuring the proportion of THC, these tests offer a thorough profile of terpenes and other cannabinoids, which enhances the benefits of the strain by creating an entourage effect.
According to the entourage effect, the total experience may be impacted by the combined effects of all the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Therefore, the overall chemical profile provides a more comprehensive image of what a user might anticipate from a specific strain or product, whereas THC % provides a momentary snapshot of potency.

How Much Time Does THC Remain in Your Body?

THC is converted by the body into metabolites, which can remain in the system for different amounts of time. THC’s short-term effects could persist for a few hours, but its metabolites can remain in the body for much longer. THC metabolites usually remain in the bloodstream of infrequent users for a few hours to a few days.

These metabolites can, however, last for weeks or even months in body fat, where they are preserved. How long THC remains detectable depends on a number of factors, including body fat percentage, metabolism rate, and frequency of cannabis usage. THC metabolites may be detected in urine testing for up to 30 days or longer in heavy or frequent users.



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