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Edibles vs Smoking: Differences Between the Two

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Edibles Vs Smoking Cost

Edibles Vs Smoking Cost

Although cannabis has been around for ages, there wasn’t always such a wide range of products available. Hemp flower that is 100% natural was the main source of CBD for a long time. Then, people discovered how to produce edibles, notably American hippies and Amsterdam “coffee” shop owners. Concentrates and CBD vape pens have also gained popularity in the last few years.

Stated differently, there is no longer a problem with a lack of options. If anything, individuals frequently complain that it’s difficult to choose just one kind of CBD product because there are so many available. It’s crucial to compare traditional hemp flowers and CBD edibles because they’re still among the most popular product categories.

Cost will always be a factor when comparing edibles to smoking. You can choose the kind of CBD product that appeals to you the most by considering the following factors.

What Is The Process of Smoking?

By inhaling cannabis smoke into your lungs, you enable active ingredients like THC to enter your bloodstream and eventually reach your brain. When THC enters your brain, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system to produce a euphoric or “high” sensation.

As smoking causes the cannabinoids to be absorbed instantly, the benefits of smoking usually take effect quickly.

How Do Edibles Function?

How Do Edibles Function

Food products that have been infused with cannabis are referred to as edibles. Gummies, cookies, and cakes are among of the most well-known edible cannabis products, though you can infuse almost any food or drink with cannabis.

Even though they both have comparable effects, taking THC in edible form differs greatly from smoking it. An edible travels through your digestive system and is absorbed by your stomach after consumption. After that, your liver works on it, changing THC into a more powerful and long-lasting substance that enters your circulation and gives you a high.

However, there may be a delay between when you swallow the consumable and when you experience its benefits due to this process, which can take up to an hour at times. It should be noted that edibles typically have a stronger effect.
What distinguishes smoking from edibles

What distinguishes smoking from edibles?

High Duration and Action Time

Eating edibles usually takes considerably longer to get you high than smoking. But be aware that, in comparison to smoking, the high you get from edibles is usually stronger and lasts longer.

Effect on Health

Edibles are generally thought to be better for the body than smoking. This is especially due to the respiratory issues that smoking might bring on. After all, inhaling anything other than oxygen poses a risk.

Edibles do have some disadvantages, too, since it’s easier to overdose and become “too high.” Fortunately, consuming too much cannabis doesn’t necessarily pose a threat to life, and the negative effects should eventually go away.

Edibles vs. Smoking: Cost Comparison

Edibles vs. Smoking Cost Comparison

There are still significant variations between CBD edibles and CBD flower, however it is still feasible to compare the costs of edibles and smoking. Here are some things to think about:

  • What is the price of edibles?
  • What is the price of a CBD flower?
  • Can you contrast these items’ CBD content?

Cost Dependency:

Prices differ based on the CBD potency, quality, and retailer of your goods. CBD candies are often available for purchase from respectable internet retailers for about $40 for a 600 mg box. This equates to roughly 15 mg of CBD for every $1.

Examining the cost of the flower is the next stage. When purchasing hemp flower, you should budget roughly $20 for an eighth (3.5 grams) from the same online retailer. Alternatively, you can spend more like $120 on a full ounce (28 grams). From there, you can determine the strain’s CBD content.


Take the Blackberry Haze strain, which has a 17% CBD content, as an example. This indicates that an ounce of Blackberry Haze flower contains about 4,760 mg of CBD, or an eighth contains about 595 mg. When purchasing an eighth, this equates to around 30 milligrams of CBD or 40 milligrams of CBD for $1 when purchasing an ounce.



This gives the impression that flowers are offering much greater value for your money. But not so quickly! It’s also important to take into account the next two factors:

  • A portion of the CBD that is smoked from hemp flower escapes into the atmosphere rather than entering your body.To smoke CBD flower, you’ll need equipment including ashtrays, rolling papers, pipes, and lighters. Some spend a lot of money on their accessories and glassware collections.
  • Edibles allow CBD to enter your liver rather than your lungs, which may allow it to accomplish more and remain longer.

Of course, vaping is an additional alternative. When purchasing CBD vape cartridges, you might not receive as much CBD for your money, but you also won’t be burning the cannabinoids into the air.

To put it briefly, it’s hard to say with certainty which is less expensive: smoking or edibles. It’s intricate since it relies on your smoking habits, how the products affect you, and a host of other variables. The costs are generally fairly evenly distributed. You are able to always try sampling a few products and see which gives you the best bang for your buck


People who want to get the most out of both products often smoke during the day and consume edibles at night. Using this method to replace smoking with vaping could be more covert or convenient if you’re on the go during the day. Some claim that edibles are more appropriate for evening use because of their prolonged effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Handmade “Bud” Edibles Cost Less?

Creating your own edibles can help you save money while enabling you to incorporate hemp into your favorite dishes. However, it requires trial and error to make edibles right.
Making your own could not work depending on the recipe and quantity of flower used. Another downside is homemade edibles are nearly impossible to dose correctly.



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