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Why Does Cannabis Make You Laugh?

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Dopamine & THC

Is it difficult not to laugh? Because of the way cannabis interacts with the brain, marijuana has the uncanny power to make even the most sour-faced person giggle. Everyone has experienced uncontrollably laughing—even while sober—which not only leaves you feeling euphoric but also strengthens relationships with both new and old acquaintances. However, experiencing laughter when high is a very different sensation. Cannabis can open your eyes to fresh perspectives, bringing the playful side of even the most ordinary items and making even the most serious-faced stoners laugh out loud.

Not only is a good chuckle delightful, but it’s also incredibly beneficial to your health and mood! However, why does marijuana make you laugh? Acknowledging it as “just being high” would be simple, but is there more to it than stoner lore? This piece examines the elements that go into those spontaneous, funny bursts of pure joy. From lowering stress to strengthening the immune system and even burning calories, laughter has numerous health advantages. A study published in 2021 (Akimbekov & Razzaque, 2021) found a real correlation between laughter and a lower chance of passing away, particularly in women. This may have to do with boosting mood, fortifying the heart, and encouraging restful sleep.

Why do we Laugh?

As everyone knows, humor is quite individualized and subjective; what you find humorous on the whole, others might not find amusing. But why do we laugh?  Studies have demonstrated that there is no one conclusive “cause” for laughter. Rather, it is the result of multiple brain regions coordinating to elicit this distinct response.

Since the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain are in charge of processing humor, this is where it all begins. You laugh out loud because of a reflex reaction triggered by other parts of the brain that store memories, regulate motor function, and interpret language and tone. Consequently, the brain releases endorphins, which lift your spirits and make you feel happy. Even while it can seem odd to attribute a human reaction like laughter to impulses, chemicals, and functions, this is the actual science underlying the behavior.

Why Does Cannabis  Make You Laugh?

Why Does Cannabis Make You Laugh

As previously indicated, the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain are responsible for processing laughter. Research has indicated that the use of cannabis elevates blood flow to particular areas of the brain, which might cause an exaggerated spike in activity that may result in uncontrollably laughing out loud.

Dopamine And THC

THC encourages the brain’s CB1 receptors to become activated, which in turn triggers the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin that collectively produce sensations of happiness, exhilaration, and joy. Like when you work out, eat, or fall in love, these neurotransmitters do nothing except elevate and enhance your mood. Consequently, raising these substances in your brain may rapidly reduce your inhibitions and increase your capacity for laughter.

How Cannabis Can Lift Your Mood

How Cannabis Can Lift Your Mood

When combined with the aforementioned elements, the simple fact that it’s contagious could be another explanation for those stoned laughing fits! Since cannabis smoking is typically done in social settings, you’re probably already in a good mood and enjoying the company of people you like while you share jokes and anecdotes between hits. Similar to yawning, the likelihood is that you will laugh too, especially if you’re high. You just can’t fight the reflex.

You’ll laugh more easily because of the increased blood flow to your brain and the release of neurotransmitters that follow. Many stoners may tell you endless stories of occasions when they’ve laughed so hard that their faces and abs hurt and they were doubled over in tears.


We have investigated the intriguing realm of cannabis-induced laughter, delving into the science behind the release of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, as well as increased blood flow and brain activity. In addition, we’ve looked at the social aspects of cannabis use, including group dynamics and infectious laughing, and we’ve introduced you to a few strains known for making people laugh.

While there is no denying that cannabis may bring a bit of humor to social situations, it is important to use it carefully and be aware of any potential hazards. You may enhance your laughing experience and make enduring memories with friends by selecting the ideal strain, establishing boundaries, and combining cannabis consumption with entertainment. So start smoking sensibly and enjoy yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Stop Laughing When High?

Some people may find it unsettling, or they may be high in public and not want to draw attention to themselves. Whatever the cause, there are a few strategies to halt your laughter cold:

  • Sip or eat a large glass of water.
  • Consider an alternative thought.
  • Increase the volume of the music.
  • Get up and take a stroll.
  • Try a different strain.

Can Cannabis Lift Your Mood?

The euphoric, joyful feelings we experience when high are caused by THC binding to brain receptors that regulate neuronal signaling. According to certain reports (e.g., research from 2005 and 2007), cannabis chemicals may even stimulate neurogenesis in specific brain regions, which could have an antidepressant and anti-anxiety impact. Here’s another way to look at it: researchers have found that depressed people’s brains have less activity in parts of the brain linked to humor. If cannabis is able to replenish that activity, finding a good laugh is going to be easier.

Do Some Strains Make You Laugh Harder?

Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are just a few of the hundreds of substances that the cannabis plant generates. These elements combine to produce subtle differences in effects between individuals.  The experience can vary slightly depending on the strain (or product formulation), whether it’s energetic and entertaining or drowsy and enervating.

Which makes you giggle more, indica or sativa?

It’s difficult to say for sure if sativas, indicas, or hybrids are best for laughing because there is so much variance in plants. Some people think that the vigor and lift of sativa strains tickle their funny bone, while others find that indica strains provide more relaxed, belly-laugh-inducing effects.



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