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What is Microdosing?

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A lot of people are looking for methods to improve their lives and feel better and happier. Some are experimenting with microdosing in light of this. The practice of taking small doses of illegal hallucinogenic drugs is known as microdosing. Microdosing is seen by some to have the potential to improve mood and creativity. 

The media is paying close attention to microdosing. However, the truth is that not enough data has been gathered to determine whether or not microdosing is safe or helpful. In addition, psychedelics are still forbidden in the US. Continue reading to learn more about microdosing and the current state of the science behind it.

What is Microdosing?

The technique of taking very small doses of psychedelic drugs, such as LSD or psilocybin, is known as microdosing. It is no longer illegal to possess or use these drugs in a number of American cities where they have been decriminalized. The truth is that it is still unlawful to use or possess any kind of psychedelic in the United States.

Consistent research on psychedelic drugs is made more difficult by the lack of a single, accepted definition of microdosing. A recreational dose is defined as roughly 1/5 to 1/20 of this amount. (This is accurate based on anecdotal experience; two to three grams of dried mushrooms provide a medium-strength dose of psilocybin, while 0.3 grams is usually the microdose.) One challenge is that this isn’t an exact science; the strength of mushrooms can vary widely because they aren’t regulated outside of scientific studies. Similarly, LSD is an imperceptible, inoffensive, odorless substance that usually comes either in liquid form or embedded into a piece of paper to be slipped under the tongue.

Schedule for Microdosing

Schedule for microdosing

People usually stick to a few standard timetables for microdosing. Typical regimens for microdosing consist of:

  • There are two days of dosing and two days of non-dosing.
  • Dosing every other day from Monday through Friday, with no dosage on weekends

No single microdosing regimen is superior to another based on any kind of evidence. While it’s not extremely popular, some folks could decide to microdose on a daily basis. This is due to the belief that daily dosing is unnecessary and that microdosing can have a long-lasting effect. 

Regular microdosing increases the chance of acquiring a tolerance to the drug. Thus, your body may become accustomed to repeated microdosing and require larger doses in order to produce the desired results.

Possible advantages of microdosing

Possible advantages of microdosing

The actual advantages of microdosing remain unclear. Similar to psilocybin-assisted therapy, microdosing may be used to treat mental health conditions such as depression. However, the evidence is still insufficient to make a firm conclusion.

According to certain research, microdosing can provide the following advantages for participants:

  • Elevated mood
  • Reduced stress
  • improved capacity for clarity of thought
  • Increased motivation and attention
  • Reduced substance use and enhanced wellbeing

However, the evidence is conflicting. A lot of the time, the data that supports microdosing relies solely on the symptoms that the user has reported. A few micro-dosers also claim to have worse moods and increased anxiety.

Additionally, there is evidence that microdosing may be effective in treating cluster headaches and migraines. However, many users view it as a last-resort course of treatment. Similarly, some preliminary research has shown some potential benefits from microdosing for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, these statements have not yet been supported by any randomized controlled trials. 

When using microdosing, a significant placebo effect could occur. This indicates that those who anticipate a benefit from the microdosing appear to experience it most. To differentiate between the placebo effect and the real health advantages of microdosing, more clinical trials are needed. Therefore, additional investigation is undoubtedly required before we can determine with certainty whether microdosing has any advantages at all.

How safe is Microdosing?

In general, microdosing is thought to carry a minimal risk of adverse consequences. However, there isn’t enough data from science to determine if microdosing is safe just yet.

The fact that most people are unsure of whether they are receiving the right dose presents one of the main obstacles to microdosing. It can be difficult to gauge the precise amount of a substance you take in a dose, and you may accidentally take more than you are meant to. This is also a frequent cause of unfavorable side effects. 

Some of the difficulties people encountered with microdosing were listed in a brief survey:

  • Difficulties focusing
  • Difficulties with clear thinking (brain fog)
  • Low strength
  • Poor mood Anxiety
  • Changes in appetite
  • Upset stomach 
  • Headaches and migraines 
  • Uncomfortable bodily experiences, such as tingling or numbness
  • Having trouble in social situations
  • Undesirable “trips” or delusions

Additionally, purchasing, holding, and utilizing these medications may have legal repercussions, which extend to microdosing. Furthermore, you cannot guarantee the strength, availability, or cost of a substance if you obtain it from an unregulated source.


Even while microdosing has gained popularity and received attention, it is too soon to determine its full effects. The majority of the data points to the need for additional studies and study to help find more information. However, for the time being, microdosing may be more dangerous and legally problematic than beneficial so keep updated with Getcannabuzzed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of microdosing?

A lot of people decide to customize their microdosing schedule in accordance with their findings. Microdosing might last anywhere from one week to two years or longer on average. When they believe they are no longer obtaining the desired impact, most people cease microdosing.

Is it better to microdose or not?

Although it is a person’s right to make any lifestyle or medical decisions (as long as they aren’t hurting other people), I would strongly advise you to discuss your decision to use psychedelics with your doctor and find out if there are any medical concerns that should make you cautious or stay away from these substances. It is imperative that you consider the quality and legality of your goods; you probably cannot afford to poison yourself or put yourself in legal hot water.



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