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How to Store Gummy Edibles

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How To Store Gummy Edibles

How To Store Gummy Edibles?

Making a batch of wonderful edible gummies and having them expire before you can consume them all is the most irritating thing ever. Fortunately, unlike store-bought candy, homemade edible gummies don’t have artificial sweeteners or preservatives. But, your delectable invention can go bad if you don’t properly prepare and preserve your gummies.

What Are Cannabis Gummy Edibles?

What Are Cannabis Gummy Edibles

Gummy or chewy candies loaded with a particular cannabinoid—THC, CBD, CBN, and many others—are known as cannabis gummy edibles. Additionally, a combination of cannabinoids may be infused into these delicacies. You might or might not get high with these gummies, depending on the type of cannabis utilized.

Certain hemp or cannabis edibles, such those manufactured with CBD, may be beneficial to your health, all without generally being psychoactive.Conversely, THC gummies will make you high while maybe offering some advantages.

They are chewy and typically sweet and pleasant, just like conventional gummy candy. Generally, premium hemp or cannabis extract is used to make these edible cannabis gummies. These gummy treats can be made with butter, tinctures, or oils made from cannabis.

How to Store Gummy Edibles?

Best Temperatures for Gummy Edibles

Below freezing is the ideal temperature to store your gummy candies. Lower than freezing temperatures inhibit mold growth, stop THC breakdown, and keep your cannabis out of the sun if you store it in the freezer. Cannabis edibles, when preserved correctly in the freezer, should stay good for a year or longer. Though it’s not as cold as a freezer, you may still store your edibles in the refrigerator if that’s how you choose to store them. The delicacies should keep for three to six months in the refrigerator, depending on the ingredients and other elements.

The Best Containers

Let’s quickly review some of the finest methods for keeping cannabis gummy candies fresh in storage to avoid spoilage.

Glass Containers

You should always store your edibles in glass jars. This is particularly true if you have a glass jar that is opaque and blocks light. Airtight jars made of glass are also available. Additionally, you could simply put a glass jar inside the fridge or freezer. Because glass does not absorb any of the terpenes or cannabinoids from the edibles, glass jars are also perfect.

Silicone Jars

If glass isn’t your thing—perhaps it’s too breakable—a silicone container is an excellent substitute. Just ensure that it is silicone of the highest caliber and not inexpensive plastic. Some of the terpenes and other ingredients from the edibles may be absorbed by cheap plastic. In addition, the silicone container in issue needs to be completely opaque, completely airtight, and sealable in order to keep moisture out. Keep in mind that light must be kept out.

Airtight Containers

Basically, any type of airtight container works well in this situation. Heat, air, and moisture are all kept out of an airtight container. If the sealed container in question is opaque, it will also keep light out. The easiest way to store cannabis edibles is to place them in the freezer after sealing them in an airtight container. This will shield them from light, oxygen, and heat while keeping them cold.


Since the freezer is one of your finest options for keeping edibles fresh for as long as possible, it’s the ideal temperature to store them at.

Childproof Containers

You need to use childproof containers if you have kids running about. Kids should not be eating your edibles because this might have very harmful consequences.

What Shortens Gummies’ Shelf Life?


Every edible item has an expiration date. The phrase “shelf life” refers to the amount of time that a food product can be kept securely before it becomes unsuitable for human consumption.The shelf life of different items vary. The components of an edible, how it is stored, and the kind of packaging can all affect its shelf life.

Two factors shorten edibles’ shelf lives and lower product quality.


The first of these, water or moisture, is what allows life to exist on our planet. We need moisture for growth. Unfortunately, moisture in your finished product fosters the quick growth of potentially dangerous mold and bacteria when it comes to the safe storage and consumption of edibles. Foods with low moisture content, such as dried goods, often have a long shelf life. Food with a high moisture content has a limited shelf life and deteriorates more quickly.


Air is the second component that affects shelf life. Life on Earth is also made possible by oxygen. It can, however, also cause a lot of the ingredients in food and consumables to oxidize. Food and consumables lose quality over time due to a chemical process called oxidation. Consider what occurs to an apple after it is sliced and left to air dry. The chopped part eventually oxidizes and becomes wrinkled and discolored. Odd tastes and smells can be produced by oxidation. Food becomes less appetizing and fresh.


In summary, delicacies that are stored unopened on a shelf may go stale within a few days. However, if kept in an airtight container and placed in the freezer, they can be stored for over a year. Therefore, proper storage is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I Freeze My Edible Gummies?

Gummies that are going to be stored for a long time can be frozen. By using this technique, you can considerably increase the gummies’ shelf life. The freeze-thaw cycle, however, can change the gummies’ texture and make them less enjoyable to eat.

Try to freeze your gummies in sections if you do decide to do so. In this manner, you may keep your edibles’ texture and quality intact by avoiding frequent freezing and thawing.

Do Gummy Edibles Go Bad in the Refrigerator?

“Well, I’ll just pop them in the fridge then!” may be going through your mind. The refrigerator is a great choice, particularly for people who don’t have access to cool storage space or live in hot locations. The chilly weather might support you in keeping your gummies’ freshness and potency, as well as prevent potential spoilage.



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