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How Is Delta 8 Made?

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How Is Delta 8 Made

A relatively unknown cannabinoid called Delta 8 THC has quickly taken over the cannabis market. It provides therapeutic wellness advantages along with pleasurable sensations. Even better, thirty states presently allow it. Considering its novelty, a lot of people are curious in “How is Delta 8 made?” We are here to respond to it.

Although hemp plants naturally contain delta 8 THC, there is so little of it that any extraction method would be incredibly ineffective. Thankfully, cannabinoid conversion has been made possible by contemporary science, enabling us to create Delta 8 THC from other molecules! Come learn about the amazing science underlying your (perhaps) new favorite cannabis compound with us.

What is Delta 8?

Delta-8 THC, or delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, is found in cannabis plants. The hemp plant which is the source of Delta-8, is what grants it legal status. Its chemical structure is comparable to that of the more well-known cannabinoid Delta-9 THC, which provides cannabis users with a euphoric high, although having a different carbon placement in the molecular chain. But since delta-8 THC produces a mellower, more controllable high, it’s a better choice for anyone seeking a well-rounded experience.

THC delta 8 is related to THC delta 9, which is the euphoric cannabinoid found in marijuana; put another way, it’s what gets you high. Unlike delta 9, delta 8 THC is naturally present in trace amounts in cannabis plants. Since there isn’t much Delta 8 available, manufacturers must chemically convert legal CBD to produce enough delta 8 cannabinoids to make delta 8 foods, carts, D8 disposable pens, etc.

Where Is The Source Of Delta 8?

Where Is The Source Of Delta 8

Among the more than 100 substances that cannabis plants naturally make is delta 8. Hemp and marijuana are the two types of cannabis plants. Cannabis has high concentrations of Delta 9 THC, a cannabinoid, whereas hemp has high concentrations of CBD (cannabidiol). Federal law states that the maximum amount of Delta 9 that hemp plants can have by dry weight volume is 0.3%.

Delta 8 THC is present in trace levels in both hemp and marijuana. Since many states do not allow the use of marijuana, you must ensure that your D8 originates from hemp plants, which are permitted by federal law. There is only one issue. Since D8 is found in such minute quantities in nature, it is very inefficient to extract it from raw plant material.

Thank goodness, there is a way around this problem. Scientists can transform hemp-derived CBD into D8 THC. The secret to converting CBD into other cannabinoids lies in a process called isomerization.

What Is Isomerization?

Manufacturers use a process known as isomerization to change CBD into Delta 8 THC. We need to give you a (very) rudimentary chemical lesson in order to explain how it works. Remain calm. Just by being present, you have already passed the course.

Chemical compounds known as isomers have various molecular structures but the same elements and number of atoms. In other words, they have the same components but a different arrangement.

One of CBD’s isomers is delta 8. Their chemical formula (C21H30O2) is the same. But if you compare the molecular structures of CBD and Delta 8, you’ll see that their carbon bonds are located differently. The process of isomerization involves rearranging those carbon bonds, changing one chemical variation into another.

There are several natural causes for isomerization. Exposure to chemical catalysts and variations in temperature and pH are the most frequent causes of isomerization. We employ heat and pH changes to convert CBD into D8 since we don’t want any undesired chemicals to end up in your D8 products.

How Does Delta 8 THC Isomerize From CBD?

How Does Delta 8 THC Isomerize From CBD

Manufacturers employ a five-step procedure to transform CBD into Delta 8 THC:

The CBD extract can be dissolved in an organic solvent to produce a thicker, more viscous fluid. This facilitates the process’s subsequent stages.

  • To bring the pH of the solution down, use an acid.
  • For several hours, warm up the mixture. This will start the chemical process that turns CBD into Delta 8 THC.
  • Clean and filter the solution to remove the acid and solvent.
  • Test the distillate to ensure potency.

How Is Thc Delta 8 Made?

For many consumers, D8 goods are now affordable thanks to the straightforward lab method that uses cannabis conversion. Manufacturers produce Delta 8 THC products using this fundamental two-stage production process:

Produce CBD Extract: A clean, CO2-based method is used by manufacturers to separate CBD from raw hemp material. Supercritical, or extremely compressed, liquid CO2 is passed through unprocessed hemp. After that, the CO2 is evaporated, leaving behind a distillate of concentrated CBD.

Convert CBD Into Delta 8 via Isomerization: Using the CBD distillate, manufacturers carry out the procedure covered in the previous section for isomerization. The CBD is then transformed into Delta 8 distillate.

After obtaining the Delta extract, producers can use several methods to incorporate it into a wide range of products.


Delta 8 THC is a substance that occurs naturally. Each cannabis plant contains a small amount of it, but not much. We wouldn’t have an effective method of extracting D8, and you wouldn’t have access to all these wonderful items if it weren’t for modern technology. Fortunately, isomerization’s miracle can save the day.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that, similar to CBD, D8 extract is a completely natural substance, even though businesses produce it using scientific methods. Ensuring you have the greatest cannabis experience possible is our first concern, which is why we place a premium on quality in general. You may always count on receiving pure and effective Delta 8 THC products thanks to independent lab testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using Delta 8 safe?

The FDA has not yet confirmed that Delta 8 is safe. There are no official guidelines available with regards to dose and any effects on the body.

Can taking Delta 8 cause negative reactions?

It is true that users of Delta 8 can occasionally develop anxiety or other unfavorable side effects; poison control centers have received reports of these issues.

How do you know whether the THC you bought is delta-8?

The main markets for Delta-8 products include places where cannabis is prohibited, tobacco shops, and internet. It comes in tablet, edible, tincture, and vape cartridge form. Even a hemp CBD flower can be spritzed with delta-8 oil.



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