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Murdz Competition

Murdz Competition

Let’s all help out our favorite streamer maintain the ability to continue pushing positivity!

As a way to help Murdz stay streaming full time, we’ve conjured up this competition for The Zoot Troop (or anyone else who’s down to keep supporting).

Simply fill out the form below to request a special URL that we can track. Every sale made using your URL will go straight to backing Murdz! The competition ends on April 1st at 10 am EST, so don’t sleep on it!

The person with the most total clicks will score a sweet $25 gift card to add to their account (but remember, we have spam protection, so no cheating by clicking away yourself or you’ll be disqualified).

And for the person with the most unique clicks, we’ve got a Kayo disposable or 3chi pod and battery of your choosing. Let’s keep the buzz going and support our main streamer!

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