Local Pickup Program

Tired of shipping costs cramping your style? We’ve got the ultimate solution: introducing our exclusive Local Pickup Program!

For those residing in the charming vicinity of Concord, NC, the delightful area of Harrisburg, NC, and the surrounding areas, you now have the option to skip the shipping hassles.

Embrace the convenience of picking up your order locally! It’s a win-win – you save, and your goodies get a warm welcome home. Enjoy a seamless, cost-effective way to shop with us!

This is an application and does not guarantee acceptance in to the program.

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Fear not, privacy champion! Your contact details are as secure as the Crown Jewels. We won’t auction them off, just gently ping you about our fabulous CannaBuzzed Local Pickup program, order updates, and coordinating those flawless pickups. 

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